“Do not let the sun set on your laborer’s pay unpaid.” – Lev 13.9
“Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you. “ – James 5:4
“Pay the worker before his sweat dries.” – Islamic Hadith, attributed to the Prophet Mohammed

Most employers act fairly towards their workers and obey the laws; those employers deserve respect. Regrettably, a few unethical, deceptive and predatory employers violate the law and inflict illegal harm on workers by:

  • Firing or otherwise damaging a worker in violation of an employment contract
  • Failing to pay wages (including bonuses and commissions) as agreed on time
  • Failing to pay the lawful minimum wage and to pay overtime at the legally required rate of 1.5 times the regular wage rate (“time and a half”)
  • Discriminating against workers on the basis of their

– Race, national origin or ethnic identity
– Religion or lack of religion
– Sex or gender, including specifically sexual harassment
– Disability or perceived disability
– Age
– Sexual orientation and gender identity
– Certain other characteristics

  • Retaliating against workers by firing, demoting, refusing to promote or other negative treatment as unlawful punishment for

– Objecting to discrimination or unlawful harassment
– Objecting to illegal wage and hour practices
– Objecting to working conditions to others, under the National Labor Relations Act
– Objecting to fraud against the government, including Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud and other fraud against the state or federal government
– Otherwise firing workers in defiance of Maryland law, such as for a worker’s refusal to commit a crime or a fraud or for objecting to a crime or a fraud

Additionally, workers (and others) who “relate” (report) fraud against the government to the government may receive, if qualified, a “qui tam” bounty from the government. If this may apply to you, please call immediately.

Maryland employment lawyer, Bruce Godfrey has been practicing since 1994; his practice handles these types employment law claims and others. In addition to the foregoing lawsuits, Bruce handles unemployment claims for workers who have been fired or, with some limits by law, have resigned their positions for valid circumstances or good cause. Please feel free to review this Basic Worker’s Guide to Maryland Unemployment Appeals.

Many of your rights as a worker under applicable law have short deadlines. Delay can kill your case. Do not delay; please contact legal counsel immediately if you believe that you may have a claim of any sort. Jezic & Moyse’s fees for initial consultations on employment matters are designed to be affordable; please call the firm at 240-292-7200 to set up an affordable appointment.

For more information about employment laws in Maryland & DC you can also visit Bruce Godfery’s personal website at: www.brucegodfrey.com

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