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 February, 2014,

  • Maryland Judge Awards Immigrant Wife All Relief Requested – Custody, Child Support, Marital Home and Alimony)

JM’ s Maryland family law attorney successfully advocated for a mother in her divorce and custody case. In February, 2014, after a year of multiple hearings and court filings, a Maryland judge in a twenty page written opinion awarded the mother physical custody of the parties’ minor child, child support and the marital home.

What’s more, the judge awarded the mother alimony for a period of time longer than the the length of time the parties were together, an unusual award and a huge financial relief for the mother, who was brought to the United States by the husband on a fiance visa.

In addition to this ruling, the Court previously ordered the husband to fully cooperate with immigration officials in the wife’s application of permanent residency. As a result of JM attorney’s work, our client now has permanent residency and the economic relief she needs to move on with her life.

October, 2013,

  • Judge Orders Custody Case Must Stay in Maryland.

In October, 2013, JM’s family lawyer represented a father of a minor child in a custody fight over which state, Maryland or Minnesota, should have the power to decide the custody of his minor child.

After several written motions and a lengthy hearing, JM’s attorney convinced a Prince George’s County judge that Maryland was the home state of the minor child. The judge found that although the minor child had lived outside of Maryland for over six months, Maryland was the minor child’s home state. The minor child had been removed from Maryland by his mother without the consent of the minor child’s father. After the judge’s ruling, the Minnesota court dismissed the custody case filed by the mother. The case will now be heard in Maryland.


June, 2013

  • JM’s family Attorney , successfully advocates for pendent lite order requiring U.S. born husband to cooperate with immigrant wife’s application for permanent residency.

JM’s client was brought to the U.S. by the husband on a fiance visa. The parties are now in the process of dissolving the marriage and as a result of marital discourse the husband had refused to assist the immigrant spouse in seeking permanent residency. However, in June, 2013, our family lawyer was successful in getting a Prince George’s County judge to include a requirement that husband cooperate with his spouses’ application for permanent residency.


March 2013,

  • JM’ s Maryland family law attorney, successfully advocates for modification of custody and access in Montgomery County.

JM’ s Maryland Family law attorney advocated for a father who had not seen his two children for over five years. JM’ s lawyer convinced the court that a prior custody order, which had denied father access and custody, was no longer in the best interest of the children because their health and education needs were being neglected by the custodial parent. The court modified the prior order to permit father to have daily unsupervised access with the minor children and awarded the father joint legal custody.

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