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  • 1. If you feel that you are too injured to work, tell your doctor.

The doctor should be able to give you a note to give to your employer excusing you from work for a certain amount of time. It is important, for your case and for your pockets, that you return to work as soon as you are physically able.

  • 2. Proving lost wages.

In order to claim lost wages in your case, you will need proof that the missed time was medically necessary and proof of your earnings. Proof of earnings can be a paystub, a copy of your most recent tax returns, or even a letter from your employer. Proof of medical necessity is usually made through a disability note given by your treating physician.

If you are self-employed, it is sometimes more difficult to prove your lost wages. Again, paystubs or tax records are best, but copies of lost contracts or letters from entities you work with may suffice. If you don’t have any of these, please let your Maryland injury lawyer know.

  • 3. Timing of lost wages reimbursement.

Unfortunately, you cannot get reimbursed for lost wages before the conclusion of your case. It is important to remember that you may not receive money in your case for months or even years from the date of your accident.

  • 4. PIP coverage for lost wages.

If you have a Maryland automobile insurance policy and if you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, you may be able to recover some of your lost wages earlier than the conclusion of your case. When you send your lost wages information to your PIP carrier, and the carrier is usually able to send payment for up to 85% of your lost wages within a few weeks.







Please keep in mind that every case is different . No outcome is guaranteed. To learn more about the value of your case, please contact one of our Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys.

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