Acquittal on DUI and two misdemeanors for client facing immediate deportation.

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Virginia criminal Attorney Jonathan R. Oates wins complete acquittal on DUI and two other misdemeanor for client facing immediate deportation

In early May 2014 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, attorney Jonathan R. Oates fought for a client who had been detained for immigration purposes for nearly two months on charges of DUI. The case involved open alcohol bottles in the car, an accident, the clients confession to the state trooper, and a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit. With the clients freedom from immigration on the line, attorney Oates fought the charges at trial. Following his cross-examination of the officer, the judge sided with Mr. Oates’ argument that the prosecutor had failed to show the defendant had been even driving at all and dismissed all charges.

Having defeated all criminal charges, the defendant was able to be released from immigration custody to return home with his family after two months of incarceration.

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