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Jury Tells National Restaurant Chain To Accept Responsibility for their Food .

Montgomery County Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll recently went to trial against a national restaurant chain when his client swallowed glass that was discovered in the client’s food. The restaurant’s attorney tried every excuse :”it’s the distributor’s fault” , ” you can’t prove the glass came from us”, and ” the customer wasn’t even hurt by the glass”. The jury rejected each of these excuses and found in favor of our client, the customer.

Don’t let insurance companies have the last word on your case.

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll stood by his client at trial after the insurance company told her her they would not pay anything on her case. The insurance company claimed our client ran a red light when making a left turn. The trial court disagreed with the insurance company and found that our client had the green light as she had said all along. Don’t let the insurance company have the last word on whether you can recover for your injuries. Always discuss your case with an accident  Attorney.

Attorney Beats Settlement Offer By Going to Trial and winning

After receiving several low offers from the insurance company in rear-end collision case, Injury attorney Jonathan Carroll got a call from defense counsel late in the afternoon before trial. The insurance company had substantially increased their offer, but it was still less than the full value of the case. After careful consultation with our client, Jonathan Carroll told defense counsel that the case was going to trial. At trial, judgement was entered in favor of our client 30% higher than the insurance company’s “11 hour” offer.


Things to Consider Before Hiring Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers.

Selecting a Maryland  accident attorney:

You can easily find Maryland personal injury lawyers when you need their help. However, not all personal injury lawyers may be able to help you. There are some things that you need to put into consideration before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury is a broad area. Hence, you have to make sure that you get a lawyer that has the skills and experience of the area of your personal injury. For example, if your personal injury arises from medical malpractice, then you should get a medical malpractice lawyer. A medical malpractice is one area covered by personal injury law. You will have a great chance of winning your personal injury case when you have the right lawyer.

Moreover, you should hire a lawyer that is from the local area. When the accident that led to personal injury happened in Maryland, then you need to ask help from Maryland personal injury lawyers. Every state has different state law pertaining to personal injury. Hiring a lawyer from the local area will be able to assist you in terms of local laws that lawyers from other states may not be familiar with.

The experience of the lawyer also plays a big role in the outcome of the case. Experience is very important because it will make the case progress fast. This is because the lawyer knows exactly what to do in the case. New lawyers can take some time to figure out what is the next best thing to do. Moreover, the experience of the lawyer will make him decide quickly whether to settle the case outside the court or not.

The skills of the lawyer will also come into play. You need to hire a lawyer that doesn’t only know how to fight a case in court but also knows how to settle outside the court. There are lawyers who settle outside the court because taking it to court will take lots of time and effort. These lawyers know how to negotiate the other party in your favor. This is very practical especially when victims suffer injuries and not death.

These are some of the things that you need to look for when searching Maryland personal injury lawyers. Always keep in mind that the outcome of your personal injury case highly depends on the expertise, skills and experience of your personal injury lawyer. Thus, take a little time to refine your requirements in order to find the best lawyer for you.

Accident Attorney Jonathan Carroll obtains a trial judgment for his client well over the insurance company’s low-ball offer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After several low offers from the insurance company for a serious car accident case, Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Jonathan Carroll took the matter to trial to force the insurance company to fully compensate our injured client.  The ultimate judgment was almost $10,000 over the insurance company’s initial offer.  In this instance, our client’s vehicle was hit on the side, causing the car to roll over.  Our client spent several minutes inside his car hanging upside down.  His pain went away after only a month of treatment, but it came back after he returned to work.  Our client returned to the doctor for more treatment three months after being discharged.  Thankfully, our client made a full recovery and the Court awarded our client all of his medical bills and ordered the insurance company to pay him THOUSANDS of dollars for his pain and suffering.

Attorney Jonathan Carroll “Overrides” Insurance Company’s Decision on Liability:

July 3 and 8, 2013

Don’t be discouraged when an insurance company refuses to pay for your injuries, because they claim you were at fault.  In the last week, Maryland personal  injury attorney Jonathan Carroll, has twice convinced a Judge to force the insurance companies to pay what they owe after the insurance company denied the claims outright.  While every case is different, you don’t have to allow the insurance companies have the last word on who is at fault in causing an accident.  In this country, courts, not insurance companies get the final say.  As a former litigator for insurance companies, Jonathan Carroll has the experience and trial skills to help you recover for your injuries.




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