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Win at Trial for Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jennifer Winters won a difficult case in which the details of how and where the motor vehicle accident occurred were in dispute. On cross-examination Attorney Winters completely discredited the Defendant driver’s version of events. The Court found the Defendant liable and awarded our client almost three times the amount of his medical bills, plus lost wages. There was no offer by the insurance company before trial.

A win over Insurance Company

Maryland Personal Injury lawyer Jennifer Winters took a serious car accident case to trial to force the insurance company to fully compensate our injured client, after receiving several low offers from the insurance company. In this case, our client’s vehicle was sideswiped, which caused the vehicle to completely flip upside down. Our client was forced to crawl out of the vehicle through the windshield. The insurance company argued that our client was not seriously injured because our client’s pain improved after only a few weeks of treatment. The Court and Attorney Winters disagreed, and ultimately, the Court awarded the Plaintiff his full medical bills as well as a significant amount to compensate him for his pain and suffering due to the serious nature of the accident.

Personal Injury Attorney Rejects Insurance Company’s “Rules” For Assessing Injury

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll represented a client at trial who had delayed getting therapy following an accident because she was afraid of doctors. The insurance company lawyer tried to argue that this “gap” in treatment meant that Carroll’s client was not actually hurt in the accident. Carroll argued to the Court that everyone acts differently following an accident that and that the insurance company was trying make up specific “rules” for how every accident victim should behave following an accident. The Court agreed with Carroll and awarded his client most of her medical bills as well as an additional sum for pain and suffering. The Court’s award was several thousand dollars more than the insurance company’s pretrial offer.

Every case is different. If you have questions about the value of your case, call the personal injury attorneys at Jezic and Moyse, LLC.

Maryland Personal Injury Forces Drunk Driver to Accept Responsibility for the Injuries He Caused

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney, Jonathan Carroll, won a hard-fought case for his client who was injured after crashing into a disabled car on a busy highway. The disabled car was left behind by a drunk driver who previously crashed into a guardrail. Carroll argued that even if he was not in his car at the time of the accident, the fact that a drunk driver left his car sitting in the middle of a busy highway was negligence in and of itself. The insurance company for the drunk driver tried to argue that he was not responsible since he was not inside his car when the accident happened. The Court disagreed and sided with Carroll. The Court noted that the drunk driver was not only negligent in causing the accident, but also negligent in not moving his car out of the road. Carroll’s client was awarded all of his medical bills, lost wages, plus more than double that amount in pain and suffering.

By Jonathan R. Carroll

Maryland Injury Attorney Wins Trial Based on Key Photographic Evidence.

Maryland personal injury attorney, Jonathan Carroll, fought hard at trial after his client had been sideswiped by another car that unlawfully merged into his lane. The at-fault driver tried to argue at court that our client was the one who unlawfully left his lane. Our client prevailed, because he had photographs of the scene that showed the at-fault driver in his lane. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to take as many photos at the accident scene as possible. If you have been in accident and have any questions, call the attorneys at Jezic, Krum and Moyse.

Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys Receives Six-Figure Settlement for Low Property Damage Accident.

Maryland accident attorneys at Jezic, Krum and Moyse recently received a six-figure settlement offer for a client who was rear-ended and only sustained $400 worth of damage to his vehicle. The insurance company originally rebuffed efforts to settle the case for a reasonable amount. Once the attorneys at Jezic, Krum and Moyse got involved, they obtained several hundred pages worth of medical records that showed their client was seriously injured. The insurance company then offered the full limit of their insurance policy.

6 figure settlement for Bicyclist.

Attorneys Heather Kirkwood, was able to convince insurance company to give the maximum allowed settlement under the policy for a bicyclist who was hit by a negligent driver in Washington, D.C. The cyclist sustained severe injuries to his right hand and knee and had to undergo two extensive surgeries. Our personal injury attorneys fought for the maximum in this case due, in part, to the fact that the client’s hand injury will cause permanent limitations on his ability to work as a chef.

Judge Finds Defendant Driver Responsible for Accident Based on Post-Accident Conversation.

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll represented a client who was rear-ended. The responsible party claimed that Mr. Carroll’s client backed into him while he was stopped. During the course of the trial, Mr. Carroll forced the responsible party to admit that after the accident when the two drivers spoke, the responsible party did not obtain an address or insurance information from the person he claimed had just backed into him. The Court found in favor of Mr. Carroll’s client on the basis that the responsible party could not have believed Mr. Carroll’s client was at fault. If the responsible party thought Mr. Carroll’s client had actually been at fault, he would have obtained his address and insurance information. There were no eye witnesses to this accident.

Insurance Company Compares Severity of Car Crash to a Sneeze, Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll and Court Disagree.

At trial, the Defense hired an engineer to testify that a rear end collision that pushed the Plaintiff’s car several feet forward exerted no more force on the Plaintiff’s head and neck than a simple sneeze. Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll called the defense out for trying to use science to support this nonsensical argument. In refuting the engineer’s expert analysis, Carroll pointed out that accounts by both drivers as well as medical records demonstrated that this crash involved a significant impact. Carroll also pointed out that the engineer’s factual basis was flawed: the engineer had never actually inspected either car involved in the crash, he had not spoken to either driver and he had not seen the medical records that showed that an injury had occurred. After that, Carroll pointed out that this engineer worked primarily for insurance companies and that he was not an impartial witness.

Ultimately, the Court awarded the Plaintiff his full medical bills as well and an additional amount to compensate him for his pain and suffering. This is just another example of what injured car accident victims are up against in Maryland. If you have questions about your case, please do not hesitate to contact Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Wins Difficult Case for Minor Pedestrian.

Silver Spring injury attorney, Jonathan Carroll, won a difficult case for a 12 year-old boy who was hit by a car after running toward an ice cream truck. The court found that the driver owed a heightened duty of care given that there were children in the neighborhood and an ice cream truck was present. There was no offer by the insurance company before trial.




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