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Maryland Injury Attorney Wins Trial Based on Key Photographic Evidence.

Maryland personal injury attorney, Jonathan Carroll, fought hard at trial after his client had been sideswiped by another car that unlawfully merged into his lane. The at-fault driver tried to argue at court that our client was the one who unlawfully left his lane. Our client prevailed, because he had photographs of the scene that showed the at-fault driver in his lane. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to take as many photos at the accident scene as possible. If you have been in accident and have any questions, call the attorneys at Jezic, Krum and Moyse.

DUI dismissed due to speedy trial violation.

Maryland DUI Attorney

In April 2014,  Maryland DUI Attorney David Moyse convinced a Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge to dismiss his client’s DUI due to a violation of the client’s right to a speedy trial. It was the client’s second DUI and he had already been sentenced to six days in jail by a District Court Judge.

Moyse convinced the district court judge to stay the jail pending appeal. The Circuit Court victory means that Moyse’s client has no conviction on his record, no fines, and does not have to serve any jail time at all.

Woman pleads guilty to vastly reduced charge of Manslaughter in 2007 killing of D.C. paralegal.

Portada Washington Post 300x64 Woman pleads guilty to vastly reduced charge of Manslaughter in 2007 killing of D.C. paralegal.

By Keith L. Alexander, Published: July 30, 2012

An Argentine woman charged in the 2007 slaying of a Washington paralegal pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter Monday shortly before a jury was to be selected for her murder trial.

Prosecutors had charged Blanca Ortiz, 47, with first-degree murder while armed in the Jan. 8, 2007 fatal stabbing of Gabriela Jose Lopez Hernandez, 29. They had previously offered Ortiz a plea of second-degree murder that was rejected; over the weekend, prosecutors offered the lesser charge, and Ortiz accepted Monday.
Ortiz agreed to an Alford plea, acknowledging that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her but not admitting the killing.

She is scheduled to be sentenced in October, when she will face a prison term of between five and eight years. She cannot appeal, and could face deportation when her sentence ends.

Lopez’s naked body was found in the bathtub of her Kalorama Triangle efficiency apartment. She had been stabbed at least 15 times and had suffered a blunt-force head injury. An area near her body had been scrubbed with bleach.

Ortiz had repeatedly told detectives and prosecutors she was not involved in the killing since she was first questioned in the days following the death of Lopez, a friend she met during tango lessons in 2005.

But authorities had maintained that Ortiz killed Lopez during a domestic dispute; the women, prosecutors said, were romantically involved. Ortiz is married to a man who lives in Saudi Arabia and repeatedly denied having a romantic relationship with Lopez.

Ortiz, a native Spanish speaker, stood next to an interpreter and defense attorney Andrew Jezic on Monday as Jezic explained to D.C. Superior Court Judge Ronna L. Beck that he, his client and a therapist met several times during the weekend at the D.C. jail.

On Sunday, Jezic said, Ortiz decided to take the plea and acknowledged that she “could” have suffered memory loss and forgotten the events surrounding Lopez’s death.

Ortiz was charged in Lopez’s slaying in 2008, but by then had returned to Argentina. She told police there that she “barely” knew Lopez, according to court records. She was extradited to the United States last year.

A jury trial might have been challenging for Deborah Sines and Glenn Kirschner, among the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s most senior homicide prosecutors. No DNA linked Ortiz to the killing, and investigators had found no weapons or eyewitnesses.

But at Monday’s proceedings, Sines outlined various pieces of evidence that she thought would have convinced a jury of Ortiz’s guilt.

Security video showed Ortiz entering Lopez’s apartment the morning prosecutors think she was killed, then leaving three hours later. Ortiz told detectives in separate interviews that she was only inside for a few minutes and then, later, that she was there for about an hour.

Ortiz told detectives she was wearing a brown overcoat when she visited Lopez. But in the video, prosecutors say, she was wearing a blue coat. Police never found it, leading them to think Ortiz discarded the coat after killing Lopez.

Hours after prosecutors say Lopez was attacked in her apartment, Sines said Ortiz told her landlord that she wanted to break her lease and planned to return to Argentina.

Sines also spoke of pictures on Lopez’s cellphone and computer that showed the women kissing, embracing, vacationing and spending holidays together.

“They had an extremely close, personal relationship,” Sines said. Authorities asserted that the number of stab wounds indicated a crime of passion committed by someone in a close relationship with Lopez.

In a court filing last week, Jezic said he planned to present alternative theories of how Lopez might have been killed by discussing at trial three men who could be responsible: an ex-boyfriend of Ortiz’s and another of Lopez’s, plus Lopez’s former boss, an Arlington County immigration lawyer.

Neither Sines nor Kirschner would discuss the manslaughter plea. But one prosecutor familiar with the case said Ortiz’s previously clean record, and the fact that domestic violence cases in which an individual appears to have “snapped” frequently result in voluntary manslaughter convictions, might have influenced their decision.

At one point during the proceedings, Ortiz began to sob. Jezic sat her down and tried to console her, then asked Beck for a glass of water for his client. “We don’t have any water,” said Beck, who denied the request.

Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys Receives Six-Figure Settlement for Low Property Damage Accident.

Maryland accident attorneys at Jezic, Krum and Moyse recently received a six-figure settlement offer for a client who was rear-ended and only sustained $400 worth of damage to his vehicle. The insurance company originally rebuffed efforts to settle the case for a reasonable amount. Once the attorneys at Jezic, Krum and Moyse got involved, they obtained several hundred pages worth of medical records that showed their client was seriously injured. The insurance company then offered the full limit of their insurance policy.

Criminal defense Attorney Rand Lucey Convinces Circuit Court Judge to Reduce 15 year sentence to 364 days.

Criminal defense attorney

In Septemeber 2013, Criminal defense attoney Rand Lucey convinced a Circuit Court Judge to reduce his client’s total sentence from 15 years to 364 days, paving the way for federal deportation proceedings against the client to be dismissed. The client, a green cardholder, had been represented by another attorney and received a sentence of 15 years with all but 9 months suspended. As a result of that sentence, the client was taken into ICE custody and faced loss of his green card and deportation. Mr. Lucey filed an extensive Petition for Post-Conviction Relief, arguing that several of his client’s constitutional rights had been violated. Based on these arguments, both the State’s Attorney and the Judge agreed to reduce his client’s sentence by over 14 years.

Judge Throws Out Drugs Found in JKM Client’s Car Despite Testimony of 3 Officers.

Maryland criminal defense lawyer

In February, 2014, Maryland criminal defense attorney Rand Lucey convinced a District Court Judge to discredit the testimony of three police and rule that the police search of the client’s vehicle was illegal. The three officers had testified, independently, that the client had consented to the search of his car, but Mr. Lucey convinced the Judge to believe his client, who testified that he had refused to consent. As a result, the drugs the officers found were suppressed, and his client was acquitted of all charges.

Restoring TPS Benefits before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Associate Attorney, Himedes V. Chicas, is currently representing two different clients who are in the process of reclaiming their Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”).

Generally, TPS is conferred to: (1) nationals from select countries designated by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) who timely register for TPS benefits as authorized by federal regulation; (2) who can prove that they have been continuously residing and physically present in the U.S. as of certain dates designated by the DHS Secretary; and (3) admissible as an immigrant and not ineligible under various provisions of the immigration laws. Those individuals granted TPS after the initial registration period, are required to re-register annually as per criteria set forth by the DHS Secretary and published in the Federal Register. Failure to timely re-register or respond to requests for evidence (“RFE”) during the re-registration process can lead to a revocation of TPS benefits.

One of Mr. Chicas’ clients failed to timely re-register during the last re-registration period; however, the regulations allow for USCIS to accept a late re-registration filing based upon good cause and Mr. Chicas is pursuing this option for his client.

Mr. Chicas’ other client failed to respond to a RFE during his last re-registration period because it was not properly mailed to him. As a result, USCIS revoked his TPS. Mr. Chicas is now moving to reopen this client’s TPS application with USCIS along with the requested evidence establishing his continued TPS eligibility. If you have any questions regarding TPS benefits or eligibility please call Mr. Chicas at 202.384.2647.

Restoring TPS Benefits before the Immigration Court.

Associate Attorney, Himedes V. Chicas, recently convinced an Immigration Judge to grant his client’s motion for custody redetermination resulting in his client’s release under a reasonable bond. Central to the Immigration Judge’s decision was the fact that Mr. Chicas’ client, who has lived in the U.S. for nearly 15 years now, will be prima facie eligible for Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”).

TPS is a temporary form of humanitarian relief (and valid legal immigration status) for certain nationals of select countries, as designated by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Currently, TPS benefits have been extended to eligible nationals of El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia.

Mr. Chicas’ client previously had timely registered and received TPS benefits during the initial registration period, but due to an oversight during a subsequent TPS re-registration period he lost his TPS. Unfortunately, this individual did not ever file a good cause late filing and given the amount of time that had passed since his initial TPS grant, USCIS was unlikely to restore this individual’s TPS benefits. He thus remained without immigration status for some few years now. Following an arrest by local police for a minor traffic infraction, he was placed into removal proceedings.

Now that he is in removal proceedings, the Immigration Judge has the authority to consider this individual’s TPS application de novo¬—meaning the Immigration Judge can now independently determine whether or not Mr. Chicas’ client remains statutorily eligible for TPS. The matter is now set in for an immigration court hearing at which time Judge will determine whether or not to sign an order restoring his TPS benefits, thus allowing Mr. Chicas’ client to recover his legal status and employment authorization in the U.S. If you have any questions regarding TPS benefits or eligibility please call Mr. Chicas at 202.384.2647.

Attorney David Moyse convinces Judge to dismiss DUI.

Maryland DUI lawyer

In April 2014, Moyse’s client was facing significant incarceration for his third DUI. However, Moyse successfully argued that the State had violated mandatory discovery rules by failing to provide a video tape to the defense. Moyse had made multiple requests for the trooper’s video, but despite two court dates, the State failed to produce the video. The District Court Judge found that the State had failed to comply with the rules, and completely dismissed all charges, despite the presence of all necessary police officers.

6 figure settlement for Bicyclist.

Attorneys Heather Kirkwood, was able to convince insurance company to give the maximum allowed settlement under the policy for a bicyclist who was hit by a negligent driver in Washington, D.C. The cyclist sustained severe injuries to his right hand and knee and had to undergo two extensive surgeries. Our personal injury attorneys fought for the maximum in this case due, in part, to the fact that the client’s hand injury will cause permanent limitations on his ability to work as a chef.




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