Insurance Company Compares Severity of Car Crash to a Sneeze, Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll and Court Disagree.

At trial, the Defense hired an engineer to testify that a rear end collision that pushed the Plaintiff’s car several feet forward exerted no more force on the Plaintiff’s head and neck than a simple sneeze. Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll called the defense out for trying to use science to support this nonsensical argument. In refuting the engineer’s expert analysis, Carroll pointed out that accounts by both drivers as well as medical records demonstrated that this crash involved a significant impact. Carroll also pointed out that the engineer’s factual basis was flawed: the engineer had never actually inspected either car involved in the crash, he had not spoken to either driver and he had not seen the medical records that showed that an injury had occurred. After that, Carroll pointed out that this engineer worked primarily for insurance companies and that he was not an impartial witness.

Ultimately, the Court awarded the Plaintiff his full medical bills as well and an additional amount to compensate him for his pain and suffering. This is just another example of what injured car accident victims are up against in Maryland. If you have questions about your case, please do not hesitate to contact Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll

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